How 2 Billion pennies explain why social distancing is so vital to defeating COVID-19 (And not killing Grandma)

Note: This article is a cross-post of a March 20, 2020 article reprinted by permission of  the Stealth Syndromes Project which underpins a study approved by the University of California San Francisco Medical School’s Committee on Human Research. The study is funded by the Center for Research on Environmental Chemicals in Humans. These two exponential/geometric […]

Les Whitten – Tribute

See also: What The Argo Movie Got Wrong About Shredded Documents I originally posted the text, below on James Grady’s Facebook page the day after Les Whitten died. Jim is a  good friend  — and former investigative reporting co-conspirator who knew Les even better than I did. The last time I saw Les was March […]

Mississippi Memories and the new Civil Rights Museum in Jackson

The opening yesterday of the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum dredged up some memories, both old and new. And that led me to dig up the following article — “Mississippi: A Giant Step to Moderation” — written after I graduated from Cornell back when when I was sure I would never live in Mississippi again. […]

Mississippi: Remove The Confederate Flag From Your State Flag!

I am the great-great-great-grandson of U.S. Senator J. Z. George, a Confederate brigadier general, chief justice of the state supreme court and one of the chief architects of the Mississippi Constitution of 1890. That constitution which is still the governing document of the state, codified all of the elements of Jim Crow segregation, most notably […]

Among Maya Angelou’s Last Words: Praise For An Overlooked Freedom Summer Book

Among Maya Angelou’s last published writings is a tribute to a new, but mostly overlooked, book that sheds valuable context on Mississippi’s Freedom Summer – on its 50th commemoration. “The murders of Andrew Goodman, James Chaney and Mickey Schwerner rocked me to the core of my very being,” wrote Angelou in the foreward to My […]

#BringBackOur Girls – Outrage Tunnel Vision?

Outrage is a fickle thing. Yes, the kidnapping of an entire girl’s school is outrageous and wrong. Selling these young girls as brides is nothing less than than pimping for pedophilia. But long before #BringBackOurGirls made outrage all the current rage, millions of girls — many of them just 11 or 12 years old — […]

9-Year-Old Child Brides: Headed For OK In Iraq

Child brides are the worst of abuse all rolled into one beastly, immoral package: pedophilia, child abuse, slavery and the dehumanization of women. And now this disgusting and unholy practice is heading for legal approval in Iraq in the name of religion. According to Gordon Brown, United Nations Special Envoy on Global Education: “It is […]

My Thriller Predictions – Future Realities Or Channeling Insanity?

The similarities between my 2011 thriller, Die By Wire, and the mystery of Malaysia Airlines 370 is just the latest book of mine where my fictional wanderings end up having future factual realities.(Malaysia Flight 370 – Maybe The Mystery IS The Terror). This has happened with six of my books. Please understand that I am […]

Malaysia Flight 370 – Maybe The Mystery IS The Terror

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is, so far, uncomfortably, uncannily close to the plot of my thriller, Die By Wire. But a lot of comments have been made about the absence of terrorist “chatter” and claims of responsibility. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe the mystery IS the terror. That was the point […]

Malaysia Flight 370: Here’s How Hacker/Hijackers Can Do It

I’ve been writing about the factual and technological facts that support this possibility since 2011. Below are a number of my posts based on the intensive research that I did for my book, Die By Wire. Read on to see how hackers could cause the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. As you read, remember […]

The Heartbreak And Uncertain Reality Of “Brain Dead”

The heartbreak associated with “brain dead” plays out quietly in most cases. But when it periodically plays out in public (“A Brain Is Dead, a Heart Beats On” — NY Times), the tragedy grips us with all the uncertainty and fear of death itself. The drama peaks in our hearts when we remind ourselves that […]

My Brush With Old Nazis, Looted Art And Daughter of God

Today’s headlines about the trove of priceless artworks looted by the Nazi’s in WWII brought back a lot of memories (Lost Nazi art: Unknown Chagall among paintings in Munich flat.) Back in the early 1980s, I stood outside that apartment building in Munich while on my research quest for the facts and history I ultimately […]

Praying For The Long, Long, Long Autumn Of Life

When I climb new mountains, it’s an enjoyable contest with rocks, gravity, altitude, path finding and the elements. New sights, new challenges, some fears … new things to think through, be careful of, revel in, be awed by. Total absorption in each moment. But when I get home to Sonoma, I turn to the Mayacamas […]

Deadly MacBook Chargers Left Out Of Apple Buyback

Apple has offered a buy-back for third-party iPhone, iPad and iPod chargers after, according to the LA Times, “a young woman in China died after using her iPhone while it was plugged in and charging through a third-party USB adapter.” But, the even-more-lethal counterfeit MacBook chargers are not part of the program. (Scroll down to […]

Die By Wire’s AirBus GPS Hacking: It’s Real, Bro’

I’ve taken more than a few licks from skeptical readers who dispute the possibility of aircraft GPS hacking that plays a key role in my thriller, Die By Wire. It doesn’t particularly matter to those folks that I research the living hell out of what I put into my thrillers. Whether it’s the science, the […]

Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling & … Lewis Perdue?

Just call it “The Da Vinci Cup Of Gold Legacy.” Weird thing, ordinary thriller writer like me getting all wrapped up with two of the biggest grossing authors of all time. CYBER-DETECTING THE “AUTHORIAL FINGERPRINT” But there it was, all plain to see in the media and all over the internet: As reported by the […]

Writers: Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up … EVER!

Debut novel rejected 47 times makes Booker Prize longlist “AN author whose book was rejected 47 times before it was finally published is among three Irish writers to make the longlist of the world’s most important literary prize, the Man Booker Prize. “Donal Ryan’s debut novel, ‘The Spinning Heart’, completed more than two years ago, […]

Book Machines Might Save Book Stores

Books A Million is the first chain to install on-demand physical book machines. These will be Espresso Book Machines from On Demand Books BAM customers have access to seven million titles, many from major publishers including  Random House, W.W. Norton, and Simon & Schuster. Customers can also print self-published works or any user-generated content pick […]

Evolve! Survive! Read!

Enjoying  thrillers and romances, watching Brad Pitt slay zombies and Superman falling for Lois Lane are all cultural aspects of human evolution that are rooted in Darwinian survival of the species, according to a new study from Concordia University: Cultural products have evolutionary roots. Marketing professor Gad Saad says evolution has hard-wired humans to be […]

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Excite and eBay: Flirting With Disaster? Firearm sales may pose a potential litigation time bomb for eBay, Excite and perhaps other Internet auction sites

(see also: Why eBay Alone Draws Fire in Online Auction Probe) Tactical Police Shotgun … Remington 870 Police Magnum 12-gauge shotgun with Surefire Model 618 Tactical Light. Weapon is solid black with a parkerized finish. Light is operated by a touch pad located on the pump. Shoots buck shot or slug. — For sale at […]

Lewis Perdue – A quick glimpse at journalism experience

Lewis Perdue taught journalism and related courses as a regular faculty member at Cornell University and UCLA and as an adjunct professor at Elmira College. He has more than 45 years of experience spanning local reporting to enterprise and investigative reporting in Washington, D.C. including coverage of the White House and Congress. Lew’s current daily […]

Stealth Terror: More Frightening, More Profitable

Why would stealth terror be more frightening and more profitable? From Chapter Fifty of Die By Wire A dense gauze of cigarette smoke packed the windowless room so tightly the naked white walls seemed to recede toward an unseen horizon. An unornamented round table barely a meter in diameter rested on gray institutional carpeting, its […]

Malaysia Airlines Flt 370: Charity For Family Support?

I’m looking for guidance on a legitimate charity that supports families of passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flt 370. I’d like to donate my income from all the recent increased sales of my book, Die By Wire. Why? Because less than a day after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished on March 8, I received emails from […]

Book Bastards: Loveable Books, Loathable Writers

“Tolstoy I’m sure was an incredible jackass, but I still love him. I still love Stevens, I still love Pound. If we didn’t read people who were bastards, we’d never read anything. Even the best of us are at least part-time bastards. We bastards love people who love our books, regardless. Read the rest of […]

Amazonians Won’t Let Amazon Own The Amazon

Amazon can’t have a monopoly on the Amazon like they almost do with books. According to The Register: “Web supermarket Amazon’s bid to create new top-level domain name .amazon has hit a dead end…Committee members of internet overlord ICANN – which oversees the world’s DNS and other such technical stuff – rejected the e-tailer’s application […]

Every New Day, A New Room … But Only Once

“No one ever steps in the same river twice,  for it’s not the same river and they’re not the same person.” — Heraclitus (Gender-neutral edits added) Characters in my thrillers have relied on that quote and the meaning behind it more than once. But the true meaning came home for me last night while falling […]

Prism Spying More About Secrecy Than Data

The real scandal in the NSA Prism revelations is not so much about what data is kept or the merits of how that may keep us safe. The real issue is the fact that the whole program was kept so secret. The US was founded on the principle that those who govern do so ONLY […]

Memories And Time – The Beginning Of A New Approach

All we are is memories and time. Think about that for a moment while I explain a different approach I am taking with some of my writing. I’ve tried for decades to deal with deep issues … serious things … in the context of my main fiction genre, thrillers. I put the thoughts — and […]

Radical Egyptian Clerics Seek to Legalise Child Brides

 Radical Egyptian Clerics Seek to Legalise Child Brides Pedophile sex traffickers are the sorts of perverts that heroine Mira Longbow goes after in Die By Wire

A Veterans Day Thanks To A Hero

Click to enlarge. And click that one for full size. A Veteran’s Day salute to my uncle, LTC Buddy Barner, USAF. I dedicated my book Perfect Killer to him and wrote him in as a character before he died. More images here.

David Stone: Superb Writing in Thrillers

David Stone is, for my reading taste, one of the best writers on the planet in any genre. His ability to use the best possible words to evoke a mood, describe a character or set a scene just resonates with me … and makes me envious as hell. Below are a few of my favorite […]

Vonnegut For President

Vonnegut for President! Platform: Cat’s Cradle. Slogan (from Chapter 4): “All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies.” Clearly a man of his word! He has my vote!

Take THAT! Paul Ryan

And the meme goes on! Actual weight 45 pounds (four 10-lb plates plus bar. Since I don’t have those cool House of Reps gym barbells, I must assemble my own from what’s around my garage gym. And … I’m just funnin’ here. This is not an endorsement or a put-down. I’m a registered Democrat who […]

8 Great Philosophical Questions We’ll Never Answer

This blog post on io9 is an awesome one: 8 Great Questions We’ll Never Solve. We’ll never answer them, but there is an existential imperative to keep asking them and to wrestle our own private angels (or demons) for an answer. If you’re an atheist, wrestle because you can prove the answer. Otherwise, wrestle because […]

Tesla Lives Here … And Edison Lives There (#1 In A Series)

Tesla Lives Here Edison Lives There Fluorescents, mercury vapor lamps, neon, modern. Alternating current More heat than light. Energy waster. So yesterday. Read The Tesla Bequest, now a Kindle ebook at at Amazon.


Lots of people just turn away when confronted with the reality of the icky-ness of what an obstetric fistula is. Totally gross. GET OVER IT! And help the 30,000 – 50,000 women who suffer from this EVERY YEAR. Read my last post, (Watch PBS, Help Fight Today’s Primitive Horror Against Women) then … DO IT […]

Watch PBS, Help Fight Today’s Primitive Horror Against Women

The horror of child brides extends far beyond stolen childhoods and includes horrendous injuries and death. As I’ve written recently on the web and in my book Die By Wire, it’s a primitive practice abandoned in the developed world, but perpetuated and justified today by cultural Islamists who insist that Islam’s founder deflowered a young […]

What Would The Prophet Protest Today?

Out of my own personal spiritual interest — and in then process of research for faith-driven thrillers like Die By Wire, Perfect Killer and Daughter of God — I have read the Qu’ran from beginning to end at least three times. If the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were alive today, his protest would […]