Brash Books Has Bought Most of My Backlist

Brash books has bought most of my thriller backlist!

This box from Brash Books was the first tranche: my Tesla Bequest, and The Delphi Betrayal — an awesome Sunday delivery, October 30, 2033!

Yeah, I am way behind on posting this. That’s because, just about the time Brash’s finished books were ready, I got an offer from a Seattle tech mogul to buy my wine business publication, Wine Industry Insight. So I got buried in that process. The sale closed in late January, and my transition period ended this month.

That was an awesome Sunday delivery and now, they have also re-issued The Da Vinci Legacy, and Queens Gate Reckoning!!!

Thank you Brash do-founder Lee Goldberg!

Brash has more to come.

Significantly, having these all back in print has inspired me to start working on a truly new thriller. So here I am now, focusing on my first love: writing.

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