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AI Looks At Sniper Books And Movies

Selections by Claude Opus 3 from Anthropic Sniper Fiction There have been several successful fiction books featuring snipers as central characters or focusing on sniping as a key element of the story. Here are some notable examples: “Point of Impact” by Stephen Hunter (1993) – The first book in the Bob Lee Swagger series, featuring […]

My Vanity Fair photo shoot at the Vatican (2006)

This is from my Vanity Fair photo shoot defending my book “Daughter of God” against Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Clone –

New Edition Of Slatewiper Available January 1, 2024

Free at Kindle Select and also available in paperback. As the clock clicks swiftly down, biotech entrepreneur Lara Blackwood races to stop ultra-right-wing extremists from using her stolen gene technology to start an ethnic purge that would kill billions worldwide — all for them to keep their bloodline “unpolluted.” Slatewiper is science-based thriller I originally […]

Brash Books Has Bought Most of My Backlist

Brash books has bought most of my thriller backlist! This box from Brash Books was the first tranche: my Tesla Bequest, and The Delphi Betrayal — an awesome Sunday delivery, October 30, 2033! Yeah, I am way behind on posting this. That’s because, just about the time Brash’s finished books were ready, I got an […]

I’ve Sold My Digital Wine Business Publications

After 14 years of founding Wine Industry Insight ( and running its News Fetch newsletter, I recently sold them to another passionate wine industry professional, Kevin Merritt. Not only is Kevin a wine lover and an experienced operator of tech companies, but he’s also a winemaker. Editor Becca Yeamans continues to curate the Daily News […]

Chat GPT-4 May Be An AI Genius, But Gets All Hot & Bothered By A Mainstream Thriller

For some time now, I have been haunted by a book I have never finished: The Nassau Directives I started it in the mid-1980s, but then got pulled in to helping launch two tech startups in Silicon Valley. When I moved to Sonoma in 1989, I picked up the book again. Then I got sidetracked […]

KSVY Interview Links

This is a quick set of follow-up links from my interview with Marcia Macomber at KSVY on Dcember 5, 2022 Playing Whack-A-Mole With Plastics And Your Health Center for Research On Environmental Chemicals In Humans Stealth Syndromes Human Study The published study

Hellhound: Dedicated To My African American Cousins & To Mississippi Social Justice Advocates

Dedication From The Book For the enormous contributions they have made – and are continuing to make for social justice and education, Hellhound is dedicated to The Mississippi Center for Justice (web link), and the Sunflower County Freedom Project (web link). Also, to my African-American cousins at the George Family Facebook Group who diligently search […]

End Paper #1: Why Did I Write Hellhound?

Hellhound is the result of a long and widely scattered set of my seemingly random life decisions whose order and direction seem inevitable only when taken as a whole. In short, I believe I have been led to this point in my life for specific, solid reasons. Many of those are described below and are […]

Hellhound: Multi-generational saga of racial injustice & redemption wrapped around a true-science thriller

The Core A multi-generational saga of racial injustice and redemption wrapped in a partly autobiographical action thriller that delves into the personal choices that lead to good and evil. Now at Amazon Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. The thriller wrapped around the core UCLA neurosurgeon Brad Stone believes he had long ago escaped his Faulknerian […]