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The Tesla Bequest

New York City, 1943
Nikola Tesla, possessor of the most brilliant mind in the history of physics, lies dying in the dark. His death will look natural. It is not. It is the opening act in the deadliest conspiracy the world has ever known.

Washington D.C., 1984
A secret society of eight powerful corporate titans -- The Shepherds -- prepares for its supreme victory. For more than forty years these eight men have manipulated a plot of extraordinary cunning, scientific research, international intrigue, and expedient murder.

Using the stolen papers of Nikola Tesla, they are a step away from creating the world's ultimate weapon. It has a single goal: world domination. By them.

The Shepherds' adversaries have been destroyed. Only two remain: a beautiful woman with a secret that has already cost her lover's life and a rugged ex-navy pilot with a brilliant mind of his own.

Together these last two survivors are racing across the globe, one step ahead of the massive global conspiracy, desperate to save themselves - and the world - from...The Tesla Bequest.

First published by Pinnacle Books, the new Kindle version of this classic Ludlum-esque Cold War thriller holds every bit as much relevance for today's world.

Ironically, The Tesla Bequest accurately forecast -- in 1984 -- the creation of the H.A.A.R.P program. That program and Tesla's supposed connection to it, have spawned a million contemporary conspiracy theories.

Author Lewis Perdue was once a rocket scientist whose work was inspired by Nikola Tesla. See http://lewisperdue.com for details.

Die By Wire

Die By Wire: Truth or Fiction? (Yes.)

When guardian sniper Mira Longbow arrives in Amsterdam to take out the head of a global child-smuggling ring, she quickly stumbles across a diabolically creative, high-tech jihad that will bring the West to its knees.

Problem is, she also crosses paths with Jackson Day, an unwanted visitor, and would-be lover from her turbulent past in Iraq. Day is a deadly effective loner assigned to the Army's Asymmetric Warfare Command whose motto (and his) is "Never Fight Fair."

So, when Day shows up to enlist her gift for languages to decipher a tangle of voices recorded of a high-level terror meeting at a remote Iranian safe house, she wants nothing to do with him or his distractions from her mission.

But, after the heat of their first encounter, they put aside their simmering differences when it's clear that Khan Nasiri -- the same wealthy shipping tycoon behind the child bride smuggling operation -- is a terror mastermind who has discovered that every modern fly-by-wire passenger aircraft is a disaster waiting to fall out of the sky.

And Nasiri intends to demonstrate to the world just how easily fly-by-wire can become die-by-wire. Cyber-jihad everywhere, anywhere. Death on demand. The countdown begins.

And they are the only two people on the planet who can stop it in time.

Die By Wire -- inspired by the real-life story of women snipers who protect innocents in war-torn regions -- brings together a heart-thumping, clock-racing thriller that also tells the shocking true story of the global exploitation of young girls whose plight has been excused by worldwide law enforcement as an acceptable cultural practice.

Queens Gate Reckoning

Qaddafi's Hit-Man. His mission: twin assassinations that will suddenly and forever explode the balance of power on this planet. He is the deadly emissary of a massive and cynical conspiracy with origins far beyond the Libyan desert, in the labyrinthine bowels of the Politburo...and the marble chambers of a seditious U.S. Government official.

And rushing headlong against this vast consortium of treason --an improbable couple: Wounded CIA operative and defecting Soviet ballerina. Together they hurtle toward the hour of ultimate international reckoning.

The Delphi Betrayal

From the depths of a small windowless room in the bowels of the White House...orchestrated by the finest minds and most powerful political forces of our time...spearheaded by a vast consortium of the world's richest multinational corporations - an awesome conspiracy that would create economic chaos and bring the entire world to its knees.

Racing with the speed of a crackling fuse, the chase is on - from Washington to Munich to Amsterdam to Peking-for a stolen dossier...and two people who might live to decipher it.

Perfect Killer

Get HELLHOUND: the NEW expanded Author's cut! Restores the full manuscript plus additional material: Free Kindle Unlimited at Amazon. Paperback & Hardcover also available.

"Brilliance that only Perdue could master... He weaves a conspiracy so eerily relevant to current events and probes the ethics of hyper- advanced technology, engaging the reader in the possibility where the innocence of humanity and free will are erased." -- Mark Burnett, Emmy Award-winning producer of Survivor, The Contender, Eco-Challenge

"Packed with action and controversy, Perfect Killer is that rarity among thrillers-it sets your pulse racing while it makes you think." --David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of The Brotherhood of the Rose on Perfect Killer

"Pure Perdue: Non-stop action from Page One and a plot that doesn't let up. You'd better keep a box of band-aids handy....you'll be turning pages so fast, you'll end up with papercuts." Lee Goldberg, Executive Producer, Diagnosis Murder and author of the Diagnosis Murder mystery book series.

Four military veterans struggle with the ghosts of war and combat. Two who sustained head wounds struggle less successfully than the other two who nevertheless must make sense of the world and endeavor to "do the right thing."

Set against the backdrop of the violent and gothic scenes of the American South, this fact-based thriller begins when a prominent Mississippi civil rights attorney asks renowned neurosurgeon Bradford Stone to help her save the life of a white racist condemned to death for the cold case murder of a black man.

Stone, a former elite Marine Recon operative has no idea that he is about to be dragged through a deadly past he thought he had escaped once and for all.

The mystery centers on a top-secret military project on military head injury cases and which has now used that data to create the ultimate human killing machine.

For more than seventy years, the Pentagon has sought the Holy Grail of combat medicine: a chemical compound that would turn ordinary soldiers into weapons of mass destruction, the Perfect Killers. Now, after decades of covert trial and error which have resulted in troubling side effects such as the My Lai massacre, Enduring Valor is ready to be implemented on a massive scale--despite devastating side-effects.

Before he knows it, Stone himself in the sights of the Project's director, a retired general and war hero turned presidential candidate. To get back his life, and expose the truth, Stone must struggle with the South's racist legacy, the demons of his past and penetrate the very heart of the lethal conspiracy.

Perfect Killer draws on Freedom of Information Documents that prove that the Walter Reed Medical Research Lab has experimented with just such a way to chemically enhance the warfighter's killing ability.

In addition, a former U.S. Army intelligence officer who served as a consultant to Walter Reed thinks that some cases of Gulf War syndrome frrom the first Iraq war may have resulted from ununauthorized tests of that drug on unsuspecting members of the military. He writes about that in a non-fiction afterword to Perfect Killer.

"This is an exciting novel... The plot's premise stands up to scrutiny; and Perdue brings the [Mississippi] Delta geography to vivid life." -- Publishers Weekly

"Once again, Lewis Perdue has crafted a richly textured, troubling, and literate thriller that is engaging on every level. I feel especially close to this fine novel because it is set in the Misissippi Delta of my birth, and what can I say?-- I feel like I know these people. In fact, I do know them, and the landscape they inhabit. Don't miss this one." -- Lewis Nordan, prize-winning Southern author of The Sharpshooter Blues, Wolf Whistle, Sugar Among the Freaks

"Perfect Killer has more surprises and plot twists than an Alpine road. Once again Perdue comes through again with a credible plot that makes us wonder whether this is a thriller or a documentary." -- Craig Dirgo, co-author (with Clive Cussler) of Sea Hunter, Golden Buddha, Sacred Stone and author of The Einstein Papers.

"Totally enthralling! A book you can't stop reading. A keeper." -- Harriet Klausner, Amazon.Com's #1 reviewer

"This is a fascinating book, a psychological thriller that explores the moral conflicts posed by the U.S. military's efforts to develop a "brave pill" to turn their soldiers into more efficient killers. Lewis Perdue has written a book that deserves wide attention, not only for its literary excellence, but for the important ethical questions it raises for today's soldier. The book well deserves to be in the running for one of the best books of the year." -- Richard A. Gabriel, Professor at the U. S. Army War College, author of 26 books, former fellow at The Brookings Institution, Hebrew University, the U.S. Army Intelligence School, the Center for the Study of Intelligence at the CIA, and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

"In Perfect Killer, Lewis Perdue has written a smart, entertaining, and fast-paced thriller. The story is provocative too -- dealing with race, racism, military practices, politics, and even string theory. Perdue reminds us that the past continues to influence the present in scary and often heartbreaking ways." -- Lisa See, author of Dragon Bones, Flower Net, The Interior

"Perdue pens a killer tale as he takes readers on a high-velocity ride through the world of cutting-edge science-a world where "no fear" means "no conscience." Could the unthinkable have already happened? Read PERFECT KILLER and wonder!" -- Twist Phelan, critically acclaimed author of Heir Apparent and Family Claims


The Big Money Conspiracy That Brought Down The Global Economy To Make Billions In Profits
Is 2011's Great Recession: An accident, or a well-planned global conspiracy?

The facts in Zaibatsu suggest that the financial collapse was part of a diabolical plan and that it was no accident that the same megabanks, billionaires and financial manipulators who caused the disaster were the first to recover and are now bigger, fatter and greedier than ever before.

Zaibatsu originally published by Worldwide Library in 1985 was developed with the cunning cooperation of three highly successful international securities professionals. With their help, Lewis Perdue wrote a book that book accurately predicted the economic crash of 1987 and asserted that most of the same conspirators would create today's Great Recession.

Why a novel? Zaibatsu's facts and detailed research were woven into a novel for two important reasons:

1. When billions are at stake, naming the big names and their global felonies is a short-cut to the grave, financial ruin or both.
2. More people read novels than dry financial exposÚs.

FACT? FICTION? Read it and you decide.
  • Coming from Brash Books

The Linz Testament

Hitler's looters find an ancient long-lost relic stored in a jeweled box. The shroud of Veronica is so precious that the promise of its safety buys the Pope's silence about the genocide of the Jews.

Four decades later, a clue to the shroud's location surfaces, and terrorists vie with spies and cardinals to get there first. A great many grisly murders occur because the one who controls the shroud controls the Vatican. Americans Stephanie and Derek stumble into the fray and emerge as the only living witnesses.

The Linz Testament was dramatically re-written to create a more recent book, Daughter of God. Readers who have read Daughter will find striking similarities and some sections that are almost identical.

Daughter of God


The Vatican has lost its mostly closely held secret --a secret whose exposure could shatter the foundations of Western religion, shift world power and ignite religious violence the likes of which the world has not seen for centuries.

The secret? Irrefutable proof of the divine feminine: a female Messiah

Born in the Holy Land in A.D. 310, Sophia was known for performing healing miracles. Her divinity so threatened early Christian dogma on the inferiority of women that she was executed while still a girl by church athorities.


In Tokyo, a particularly violent and deadly plague has broken out. Inexplicably, it seems as if the virus only uses Koreans as its carrier.

Enter Lara Blackwood, a genetic engineer recruited to fight this virus that somehow piggybacks itself on people with specific genetic characteristics.

Ejected from her own company, Lara sees in this investigation her chance to get herself back in the research game, but she doesn't count on uncovering a genetic weapon of unimaginable power, a weapon that appears to have its origins in her own work.

Like the high-tech medical thrillers of Michael Crichton, this novel deftly combines hard science and narrative panache. Perdue has crafted a story that grips the reader's imagination: Can this be real? Is it possible for such a weapon to exist?

The DaVinci Legacy

(Also ripped off by The Da Vinci Code)
The Da Vinci Codex is a priceless collection of Leonardo's original work-- or is it? When Da Vinci scholar Vance Erikson discovers that several of the Codex's pages are forgeries, the search is on for the genuine documents, which may hold startling secrets and revelations.

But Erikson is not the only one seeking the missing pages. He soon finds himself the target of a murderous conspiracy that dates back to the dawn of Christianity itself.

For the Da Vinci Codex is more than just a precious document. It is also the key to a long-lost discovery of frightening importance. Now, not only Erikson's life but the future itself is at stake. Ultimate power is the prize for whomever seizes...

The Wrath of Grapes

Over long, hard decades, American winemakers have won the respect of connoisseurs everywhere. Many of the world's most cherished, and expensive, wines come from the United States.

But today, the unique and eccentric wine industry faces a grim set of challenges that could transform it forever: oversupply in the face of flat consumption, devastating vineyard diseases, an antiquated distribution system, fierce competition from abroad, attacks from anti-alcohol forces, and an inability to capitalize on wine's proven health benefits.

The French Paradox and Beyond

The bestseller about wine and the Mediterranean lifestyle.
An exploration of the medical benefits of a French Mediterranean way of life describes how Americans can improve their own health and decrease their risk of heart attack through moderate wine drinking. Original.


Sex shaped the Internet as it exists today.

Whether you call it adult content, smut, erotica or pornography; whether you consider it disgusting or titillating, the facts are clear that without business and technical pioneers in the online sex business, the World Wide Web would never have grown so big so quickly...

The first no-holds barred business and technology analysis of the $31 billion-dollar U.S. sex industry and how it has played a pivotal role in shaping the technology, content and economics of the Internet and the Worldwide Web.

The Washington Connection

A guided tour through the sordid side of Washington, D.C., by a team of investigative reporters threading and slogging their way through the jungles of sin and crime. Exposes the facts behind these headline-making Congressional scandals...
    Out of print.

The Trinity Implosion

THE TRUTH IS, IT CAN BE DONE - These are no hit and miss terrorists, but four who will stop at nothing (literally, nothing) to prove to the United States in particular and the world they have the capability. You are taken step by step, explanation by explanation along the way, as the frightening possibility becomes more and more probable. There is no question that this ultimate plot can be carried out.

But THE TRINITY IMPLOSION is more than a description of the means to an end; it is a searing suspense novel, moving quickly as the central characters thrust their philosophy and ambition on a desperate government, panicking in the realization there is nothing on earth to stop them.
Out of print.


When I taught journalism at UCLA back in the early 1980s, I was fortunate enough to work with a talented writer, Lee Goldberg, who asked me to help him get a start in novel writing. In fairly short order, I got a four-book contract for a men's adventure series called .357 Vigilante.

As conceived it was an over-the-top, bloody action tale of violent justice.

On the first book, I took the lead on plotting the first book. Lee wrote chapters. I edited. He re-wrote. The book was published.

Then Lee really stepped up to the plate. I had less to do with the second book, far less with the third and nothing at all with the fourth. These are really Lee's books. I include them on my page because of my involvement in getting the ball rolling. And because I am glad to have been able to help Lee in those early days.

The cover thumbnails below are the old covers, but the Kindle links go to new, updated covers that Lee has brilliantly created. He has also renamed the books and made them part of "The Jury" series

.357 Vigilante I (Now Titled, Judgment In The Jury Series)

Lee Goldberg and Lewis Perdue writing as Ian Ludlow
Brett Macklin was a freewheeling son of sunny California, a collector of vintage cars and a connoisseur of beautiful women. But when his father is murdered by a street gang, Macklin becomes something else--a deadly weapon against crime, a relentless vigilante who won't stop until he's wiped out the killers who have turned Los Angeles into a war zone.

.357 Vigilante II (Now Titled, Payback In The Jury Series)

Lee Goldberg and Lewis Perdue writing as Ian Ludlow
After a family tragedy, Brett Macklin has sworn to take the law into his own hands to dish out his brand of justice.This time, Macklin's target is Wesley Saputo, porn kingpin and murderer, who has slipped through the courts time after time, only to kidnap, rape and kill again...and again. Macklin's mission: locate and destroy Saputo before he finds another innocent life to destroy.

.357 Vigilante III (Now Titled, Adjourned In The Jury Series)

Lee Goldberg and Lewis Perdue writing as Ian Ludlow
A sadist with a hunger for victims is talking the streets of Los Angeles--leaving a trail of destruction which threatens to engulf the city in racial violence. And he's calling himself...Mr. Jury.

Now vigilante Brett Macklin, the real Mr. Jury, is hitting the killing ground with just seventy hours to hunt down the deadly impostor and clear his name. All he has to do is take on an army of fanatical white supremacists, stop a news-hungry reporter from digging too deep into his past, and save a tough black cop from being buried alive.

In addition to these three books, Lee has taken the series a step further with a fourth book, Guilty and a single volume collection containing all four Jury Series books.

The-High Technology Editorial Guide and Stylebook

The growing number of people writing high-technology information and the increasing complexity of the field has created a need for a stylebook that provides directions on spelling and usage. Perdue provides a standardized stylebook that users can follow to communicate more clearly and limit confusion. Includes a floppy disk to help readers access the information in their word processing program.
  • Out of print

Supercharging Your PC

How to amp up obsolete technology to hysterical lengths. An easy D-I-Y expansion guide for IBM Compatible PCs. (1987)
  • Out of print

Country Inns

The Country Inns of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.
  • Out of print

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