Chat GPT-4 May Be An AI Genius, But Gets All Hot & Bothered By A Mainstream Thriller

For some time now, I have been haunted by a book I have never finished: The Nassau Directives

I started it in the mid-1980s, but then got pulled in to helping launch two tech startups in Silicon Valley.

When I moved to Sonoma in 1989, I picked up the book again.

Then I got sidetracked when I started WineBusiness.Com. When that sold (1997), I started writing for The Street.Com and Wall Street Journal and picked up writing Nassau again.

Then, I founded (2001) a payments company PocketPass that went public in a small way.

So I picked up Nassau again.

Finally, as Nassau got into the final chapters, in 2009, I realized that I really wanted to write an entirely different book, Die By Wire instead.

Then I started in 2012,and stayed distracted.

But Nassau still haunted me, so I started publishing on  it  on The Nassau Directives  chapter by chapter … Then, yes … got distracted again…

Along the way, I started a contest for readers to finish the book: Chapter By Chapter? … And now a Contest? (Or Maybe Both. To help with that, I published the entire manuscript as a 99-cent Kindle so potential coauthors could get an idea of what they would be working with.

I’d really like to know how Nassau ends, so several weeks ago, I tried to get GPT-3 to finish it. But the AI choked and went nowhere when I uploaded the text for the manuscript.

I’ve been a premium GPT-3 subscriber for some time and have been really impressed with the AI, so today, I tried to see if Chat-GPT4 (the newest version) could finish Nassau  for me…

Alas, it has the sensibilities of a Victorian schoolmarm and can’t handle the violence of a global thriller.

So, I’m stuck again.Anyone out there want to try their hand? I REALLY want to know how the book ends. Email if you’re interested. If you finish it and we get it published, you get co-author cover credit and 49% of whatever money it makes.

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