Memories And Time – The Beginning Of A New Approach

All we are is memories and time.

Think about that for a moment while I explain a different approach I am taking with some of my writing.

I’ve tried for decades to deal with deep issues … serious things … in the context of my main fiction genre, thrillers. I put the thoughts — and often a lot of factual research — into the mouths and minds of my characters.

I’ve been criticized for doing this in a thriller. In the past, I have responded that lots of people read genre fiction who would not read a “serious” work.

Well, I am now starting to believe that my critics were right.

People read thrillers for the action and a veneer of ethics/morality/serious thought. I put too much of the latter in my books … more than a veneer … and the words get in the way of the action.

What’s more, I always end up having to edit away about half of what  about the serious things … just to try and keep the thriller elements moving … but often, even that half is too much.

So, a new blog:  Memories and Time.

This might be the answer … composed mostly of short pieces posted frequently …

But I may also dig out the longer versions of pieces I did on consciousness, ethics, evil, etc … and make those posts as well. Perhaps this will become a book.

Please let me know what you think. lperdue (AT)

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