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The Heartbreak And Uncertain Reality Of “Brain Dead”

The heartbreak associated with “brain dead” plays out quietly in most cases. But when it periodically plays out in public (“A Brain Is Dead, a Heart Beats On” — NY Times), the tragedy grips us with all the uncertainty and fear of death itself. The drama peaks in our hearts when we remind ourselves that […]

My Brush With Old Nazis, Looted Art And Daughter of God

Today’s headlines about the trove of priceless artworks looted by the Nazi’s in WWII brought back a lot of memories (Lost Nazi art: Unknown Chagall among paintings in Munich flat.) Back in the early 1980s, I stood outside that apartment building in Munich while on my research quest for the facts and history I ultimately […]

Praying For The Long, Long, Long Autumn Of Life

When I climb new mountains, it’s an enjoyable contest with rocks, gravity, altitude, path finding and the elements. New sights, new challenges, some fears … new things to think through, be careful of, revel in, be awed by. Total absorption in each moment. But when I get home to Sonoma, I turn to the Mayacamas […]

Deadly MacBook Chargers Left Out Of Apple Buyback

Apple has offered a buy-back for third-party iPhone, iPad and iPod chargers after, according to the LA Times, “a young woman in China died after using her iPhone while it was plugged in and charging through a third-party USB adapter.” But, the even-more-lethal counterfeit MacBook chargers are not part of the program. (Scroll down to […]

Die By Wire’s AirBus GPS Hacking: It’s Real, Bro’

I’ve taken more than a few licks from skeptical readers who dispute the possibility of aircraft GPS hacking that plays a key role in my thriller, Die By Wire. It doesn’t particularly matter to those folks that I research the living hell out of what I put into my thrillers. Whether it’s the science, the […]

Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling & … Lewis Perdue?

Just call it “The Da Vinci Cup Of Gold Legacy.” Weird thing, ordinary thriller writer like me getting all wrapped up with two of the biggest grossing authors of all time. CYBER-DETECTING THE “AUTHORIAL FINGERPRINT” But there it was, all plain to see in the media and all over the internet: As reported by the […]

Writers: Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up … EVER!

Debut novel rejected 47 times makes Booker Prize longlist “AN author whose book was rejected 47 times before it was finally published is among three Irish writers to make the longlist of the world’s most important literary prize, the Man Booker Prize. “Donal Ryan’s debut novel, ‘The Spinning Heart’, completed more than two years ago, […]

Book Machines Might Save Book Stores

Books A Million is the first chain to install on-demand physical book machines. These will be Espresso Book Machines from On Demand Books BAM customers have access to seven million titles, many from major publishers including  Random House, W.W. Norton, and Simon & Schuster. Customers can also print self-published works or any user-generated content pick […]

Evolve! Survive! Read!

Enjoying  thrillers and romances, watching Brad Pitt slay zombies and Superman falling for Lois Lane are all cultural aspects of human evolution that are rooted in Darwinian survival of the species, according to a new study from Concordia University: Cultural products have evolutionary roots. Marketing professor Gad Saad says evolution has hard-wired humans to be […]

Intel/Westinghouse Science Search Found Me After 47 Years

Back in 1966, I was a national finalist in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search and won several prizes for my solar flux rocket engine and proton accelerator at the International Science Fair in Dallas. That was 46 years ago. Fast forward to late May and Intel has assumed the mantel of looking around the globe […]