Evolve! Survive! Read!

Enjoying  thrillers and romances, watching Brad Pitt slay zombies and Superman falling for Lois Lane are all cultural aspects of human evolution that are rooted in Darwinian survival of the species, according to a new study from Concordia University: Cultural products have evolutionary roots.


Marketing professor Gad Saad says evolution has hard-wired humans to be naturally drawn toward a specific set of universal narratives within cultural products:

“Romance novels, pop songs and movie plotlines always come back to the Darwinian themes of survival (injuries and deaths), reproduction (courtships, sexual assaults, reputational damage), kin selection (the treatment of one’s progeny), and altruistic acts (heroic attempts to save a stranger’s life). Movies, television shows, song lyrics, romance novels, collective wisdoms, and countless other cultural products are a direct window to our biologically based human nature….”

And I always thought I wrote thrillers so I could survive. Looks like it could work for you too.

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Evolve! Survive! Read!

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