Take THAT! Paul Ryan

And the meme goes on!

Take THAT! Paul Ryan.

Actual weight 45 pounds (four 10-lb plates plus bar. Since I don’t have those cool House of Reps gym barbells, I must assemble my own from what’s around my garage gym.

And … I’m just funnin’ here. This is not an endorsement or a put-down. I’m a registered Democrat who has worked for a GOP Congressman (now a U.S. Senator), a Democrat Governor, run Congressional campaigns for liberal and minority Republicans (back when they used to exist), votes independent and thinks both parties as they currently exist are ideologically obsolete.

But I just thought the Ryan curl was too much fun to pass up. Have a fun, good-spirited chuckle, y’all.

Oh, and that’s a Perfect Killer hat I’m wearing backwards. Wonder if Rep. Ryan has one of those?

Yeah, that’s a bath towel behind me and sunlight from tee window washing out the photo details.

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