8 Great Philosophical Questions We’ll Never Answer

This blog post on io9 is an awesome one: 8 Great Questions We’ll Never Solve.

We’ll never answer them, but there is an existential imperative to keep asking them and to wrestle our own private angels (or demons) for an answer.

If you’re an atheist, wrestle because you can prove the answer. Otherwise, wrestle because you don’t.

I wrestle because I thought I knew the answers.

Then realized I don’t.

So I now believe that —  since not knowing is the best we can do — then wresting for the answers is what we are supposed to do.

My recent thrillers wrestle with four of these eight awesome these questions:

  1. “Why is there something rather than nothing?” – Die By Wire
  2. “Do we have free will?” – Perfect Killer
  3. “Does God exist?” – Die By Wire, Perfect Killer, Daughter of God
  4. “Can you really experience anything objectively?” – Perfect Killer

I suppose I need to start addressing the other four?

I’ll get there, but right now I’m too busy killing people in the Bahamas. (Nassau Directives is coming!)

Read the blog post. It’s so on target.

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