What Would The Prophet Protest Today?

Out of my own personal spiritual interest — and in then process of research for faith-driven thrillers like Die By Wire, Perfect Killer and Daughter of God — I have read the Qu’ran from beginning to end at least three times.

If the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were alive today, his protest would not be over the blather of a crummy video made by religious nut cases.

His protests would be against the slaughter of innocents in Syria, the slums of Cairo, injustice visited against Palestinians, the insanity of zealots in Iran and other countries who pervert Islam for their own personal power games, the oppression of women and other religious faith by the Taliban and most other countries which profess to be Islamic. Yes, the video is worth of protest. But it’s minor compared with the evil and brutality perpetuated by so-called “Islamic republics.”

Today’s “Islamists” are not Muslims. They are prehistoric, irrational throwbacks to a dark, evil, totalitarian xenophobia filled with hatred and bitterness that tolerates nothing beyond their narrow, pathetic, ignorant view of the world.

I’ve also read the Christian and Jewish bibles at least as many times as well as the Book of Mormon, the varied scriptures of the Hindu religion, The Buddha and the writings of the Sikh gurus. Remaining true to those religions and Islam, requires love, charity, aid to the oppressed, a pro-active effort to fight poverty, abuse and a fundamental tolerance of other religions.

Religious extremists of all stripes are evil apostates to their own professed religions regardless of whether their word for the divine creator isl God, Yahweh, Allah or some other word.

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