Hey Barnes & Noble: Stop Bitchin’ and Start Competing!

I got an email from a friend this morning:

On 2/8/2012 9:47 AM, Eric  wrote:
Good morning, Lew.I just got a Nook Tablet and tried to purchase Die By Wire.What’s up and when will I be able to get it?

Dear Eric:

Attached is a free ePub of Die By Wire.

Sorry you can’t get it on Barnes & Noble right now because Die By Wire is in Amazon’s “select” program which offers financial incentives and promotional opportunities to Kindle authors … but requires that the book be available for the Kindle only.

I enrolled Die By Wire in the program because more than 99% of all my book sales come from Amazon Kindle. I sell thousands of books through Kindle and only one or two here and there with B&N.

I’d love to do promos with Barnes & Noble, but they have totally nothing at all when it comes to working with ebook authors. B&N bitches and moans and groans and rages against Amazon, but has yet actually to compete.

Competition! A concept that has escaped B&N and way too many other non-Amazon companies.

Anyway, please enjoy the free epub version of Die By Wire. Hope you enjoy it!

My other books are available in epub and other formats on B&N, iStore and, most handily here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=lewis+perdue&adult=on

It would be nice if B&N and the other chains and retailers would get their heads out of a very dark and anatomically southern place and realize that they could compete with Amazon by offering incentives and tools to promote books. Instead, they come up with Dog-In-TheManger crap like this:

So, they think they are striking back at the mighty AMZN … well, what they”re doing is striking back at ordinary authors and small publishers and not the Seattle behemoth. Smooth move, Ferguson.

In addition to being an anti-trust, restrain of trade action that deserves a class-action lawsuit, all this does is deprive B&N’s customers of books and enrage the very authors they might want on their side if they ever decide to compete instead of just whining.


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