In Memoriam

Buddy Barner After Completing his 100th Mission over North Vietnam in 1968

Lt.Colonel A. L. "Buddy" Barner
Services May 27, 2008, Arlington National Cemetery
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The Final Mission Begins for the world's greatest fighter pilot.
Backy Barner and other family (right) watch preparations for Col. Barner's last ride, this one on the caisson. Slower than he is used to. No afterburners.
The priest prays for Buddy; the band readies a hymn.
Flag folding ceremony. Color guard (far right) readies rifle salute.
Folded flag presented to Buddy's widow, "Backy" Barner.
The rows of old-timers welcome Buddy.
Forever in our hearts
Mission Complete
A very small casket for such a giant hero

More photos of Buddy can be found at the website of my thriller, Perfect Killer. The book is dedicated to Buddy and he also plays himself as one of the characters.

Photos by Lewis Perdue. Web page by William Perdue.