Ku Klux Klan Taliban & The Evil of Muslim Silence

In my last two books I spent a lot of time wrestling with the issue of God, faith and why good people do bad things — or allow evil to continue.

Why did good Germans tolerate Nazi atrocities? Why did good Southern white people tolerate the Ku Klux Klan and institutionalized racism, lynchings and other brutalities?

The How And What of Evil Are Easy. The Why Is Hard.

My thriller characters are up to their eyeballs in action, adventure, and suspense but they are not killing robots: they wrestle with the morality of their actions and with the evil they have been sent to eliminate.

The nature of evil — the how and the what —  make for the thriller part.

The “why?” leaves both author and reader with worthy questions that remain to be considered long after the last page has been read.

Which is why my thoughts have been so occupied with global Islam — 1.6 billion people — and the passive indifference that most of them exhibit when to comes to human rights, including their relationship with people of other faiths.

Ku Klux Klan Taliban

I think of Protestant ministers in Mississippi who preached segregation, white superiority and the racial inferiority of those who were not Caucasian. Or Protestant. The old saying was that KKK stood for “Katholics, Kikes and Koons.” That’s ugly.

Just as ugly are the Muslim madrassas —  fanatical religious schools that preach observance of violence, oppression and intolerance.

Moral decay and evil find fertile ground in the theology of hatred and intolerance because those who preach it tell their followers that God says it’s ok.

And in the little light I have managed to shed on my own struggle with evil, I find that fanatical Islamists — and those who passively allowed them to thrive — look identical to Nazis, KKKlanners and those who supported or tolerated them.

And in that light, the Taliban (along with Salafists, Wahabis and others) are simply Islamic copies of the Ku Klux Klan or Nazi brown shirts.

Like the Klan and Nazis, the Taliban wage holy war on women, girls, anybody that look different, think differently or believe differently. And like Nazis and the Old South, they wage a savage, unlimited and ultimately evil war to defend their “way of life” against infidels and inferior life forms.

The Moral Vacuum In Global Islam

Today’s  radical Islamist preachers of hate can turn out their brown shirt thugs on a global basis to protest a third-rate video or a Florida nut case who burns a Quran.

Those rioters in the streets are the moral equivalent of a KKK lynch mob who used to turn up in the Old South to lay hands on the victim — to  torture, burn, maim and mutilate black men before they were finally hung and killed. It’s a crude, subhuman orgy of evil that lives large in Islamist lynch mobs.

The Benghazi attackers harkened back to one of the most bestial race-killings in Mississippi that happened in the Delta town of Belzoni. There, the mob went after the home and family of a local civil rights activist. Riddled their home with gunfire. Then set the house on fire and shot and killed those trying to escape the flames.

And sadly today’s silent, passive Muslims — like good people in the Old South or Nazi Germany —  allow evil because they do nothing.

They remain globally silent and ignore the truly Islamic call to be merciful and charitable, when a 14-year-old Pakistani girl is shot in the head for wanting an education.

They turn a blind, passive eye when child brides are bought and sold into  sexual slavery.

They look away when Islamist KKK lynch mobs burn and loot businesses and homes of Christians, Jews and other faiths. These are just Islamist equivalents of Kristallnacht — good ways to tighten your grip  on power and to loot some real estate in the process.

Muslims who tolerate these things while silently disapproving them are still guilty because they allow evil to thrive in their midst. As we saw in Benghazi in the aftermath of the consulate attack, the evil cannot exist if good people rise up.

But other than Benghazi, we don’t read about protests against fanatical Islamist evils. Those who “tsk-tsk” and go about their business are as evil as the perpetrators. They are conspirators in murder, rape, theft and violence.

Yes, rising up and speaking out are dangerous and require courage. But where is the dignity of remaining silent? And how faithful can that be to a God one professes to believe is merciful and charitable?

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